Social Media Management Montreal


social media management montreal


➢Manage the various social media platforms, build brand awareness, loyalty and sales of the company.

➢ Create a content calendar (videos, photos or whatever) with a brand voice and ensuring that the content is regular and relevant across all of your business’s social media channels. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok etc.)

➢ Regularly and diligently, monitor and participate in conversations on the platforms, as well as respond to opinions, questions and comments. 7 days a week, days and evenings as soon as possible.

➢ Facebook / Ads (retargeting) ➢ Carry out performance reports to assess the effectiveness of various campaigns

➢ Ensure competitive intelligence

➢ Engage with fans and followers to build relationships with the community and encourage interaction

➢ Bilingual publications on a regular basis (French / English)

➢ Search engine optimization (SEO)

and more.!


Gestion médias sociaux


Social Media Strategy

How are we going to achieve our goals?


Develop our fans / followers

We will create an army of salespeople for the business by posting engaging content on a regular basis to our target audience, making sure that it creates interest and opens up discussions, shares and others to talk about it. to their friends and families.



➢ FACEBOOK ADS To reach our target market, we will pay Facebook and Instagram to distribute some of our publications in order to reach all of our potential customers directly on their cellphones, tablets and computers.



  • Customer relationship We will nurture old and new customers well with digital customer service according to their requests or experiences that they will share with us about the business.


  • Notoriety The notoriety of a brand varies a lot depending on its image and its reputation. We will therefore work on the image of the company through the various social media platforms, while protecting its digital reputation through comments from satisfied, unhappy customers or any opinions and recommendations left through digital platforms on your business